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Announcements / Re: Official updates and teasers
« on: March 25, 2017, 02:01:31 PM »
Just doing my annual check-in... hope all is well!  The company "Supercell" is set to do 4.3 Billion in sales this year with Clash of Clans and Clash Royal... 4.3 BILLION... and both games are weak compared to SW... we making any progress?  I'm ready to throw money at you... take my money...

Announcements / Re: Meet the team
« on: June 11, 2016, 08:59:19 AM »
Lyn, sooooo glad to see you're at it again!  Always happy to help if there is anything I can do!  Go, TEAM, GO!   8)

Announcements / Re: Official updates and teasers
« on: June 11, 2016, 08:53:56 AM »
Awesome... I'm not going to let myself get excited... but I can't think of anything I would rather do than play some SpiritWars... too late, I'm excited again...  ;D

Announcements / Re: I'm sorry
« on: January 20, 2014, 11:50:43 PM »
Yea, I figured that's where we were headed.  I also know nothing about programming, but it just "seemed" to me that it would be easier to just have the game re-written from scratch then to try and manipulate the old stuff.  I'm guessing that's not something Brett is interested in taking on... Have you considered something like  I don't know much about the "hire a programmer" sites out there, but they appear to be abundant and relatively cheap... but of course, then you'll need someone who can perform maintenance and upgrades and insert new "stuff" and you could find yourself with an on-going headache... here's some decent thoughts on getting started with something like that...    Sorry for the hassle, Lyn!  You have decisions to make... make the BEST one for YOU and your family!  We'll support your decision whatever you decide to do!   ;D

SpiritWars Discussion / Update?
« on: January 13, 2014, 09:12:34 PM »
2014 is rolling right along... can we get an update?  Haven't heard a word since before Christmas... where we at?

Announcements / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: January 06, 2014, 08:49:22 AM »
Happy New Year!

Here's hoping 2014 brings us all together playing SpiritWars!

General Development Notes / Re: Merry Christmas!
« on: December 21, 2013, 03:11:23 PM »
It will be a blue Christmas without SpiritWars....

General Development Notes / Re: Looking for Beta Testers
« on: December 08, 2013, 12:30:46 PM »
Where are we at on this??  It appears we're moving in the right direction... are we still moving?

SpiritWars Discussion / Re: Vampira, do you remember this link?
« on: December 08, 2013, 12:16:11 PM »
I think that's the list that made me decide to move up to the Members Area!  I'd been playing on the free side and when I saw the Members were more like a "family" I finally coughed up the cash and discovered the real fun!  I remember nearly every name on there... that was a long, long time ago... almost like looking at an old high school year book...

News / Re: BIG BIG BIG NEWS!!!
« on: December 01, 2013, 02:05:32 PM »
How's it going?  We ready to start testing?

News / Re: Status update + input needed
« on: August 28, 2013, 05:26:18 PM »
Well..... another year comes and goes... where is the game?  No one knows...
To play SpiritWars remains but a dream... I'm starting to doubt it... know what I mean?

Seriously.... I do not understand why nothing is being done to bring the game back.
Lyn, if it's a matter of money, I can understand THAT.... plain and simple, it TAKES money to make money!
You didn't create the game... you didn't program it... it's not YOUR baby!  It was Randy's.
I can understand WANTING to bring it back, but you know what happens when you WANT in one hand...
If you aren't able to resurrect SpirtWars, have you considered selling it? 
I doubt you'd get all that much, but it would be more than you apparently have now...
But it probably wouldn't be enough to get it back online...

But at least YOU could put SOMETHING in your pocket... and WE could play the game!

How long are you going to just sit on it?  Have you given up?  I used to rock my baby to sleep while I played SW late at night... a small 10-pound baby would just lay in my arms, smile at me and fade away to dreamland.... well, that baby is a ten-year old monster now and HE wants to play more than I do!  It's been too long. 

I'm not seeing any "updates".... I've read the abundant amount of feedback and suggestions... you've got a great game concept and a faithful, loyal base of intelligent people at your disposal... What is the hold up?  I'm having a difficult time believing you can't find someone to program a simple game.  It's my understanding programmers are a dime a dozen.  How much money do they want to handle the project?  Have you considered selling "shares" in the game?  Perhaps there are 20 people on here that can cough up $1000 each for a "stake" in the company?  Perhaps a programmer would accept a percentage of the first year or two?  Come on... there are SO many ways to pursue this.... why is SpirtWars just festering in a dark hole? 

By no means am I trying to be mean... over the years, I have come to respect you and your family!  You're a genuine "nice person"... no doubt about it... but let's face it... business clearly isn't a strong point. 
If you DON'T have the TIME.... and you DON'T have the MONEY.... there are other ways to make this happen... do you have a plan?  How far have you taken this in the past year... or two.... or five?  Are you any closer to getting the game online? 

I'm sorry... it's just damned frustrating.  I want to play SpirtWars.  Instead, I have to go spend my game time playing BattlePirates... or Soldiers, Inc., or Candy Crush... or some other COMPLEX game that was programmed by SOMEONE... all of which are CRAP.  I just can't accept that there isn't ANYONE who can do this!

I have been and always shall remain... a loyal fan of SpiritWars...

News / Re: Status update + input needed
« on: November 02, 2012, 07:44:22 AM »
I've been rolling this around in my head for a week now and here's what is making the most noise...
I keep seeing this game as a Facebook game.  I've been playing Facebook games for several years now.  Companies such as Zynga or Kixeye are making a killing.  A Killing! 
I see SpiritWars as a Facebook game.  People log on and play for free.  The game is free... free.... free... UNLESS, you want to speed things up... and apparently, a LOT of people do!  Paying for "time" seems to be extremely popular and I don't see why the concept can't be applied to SW...
SO, everyone downloads the game and starts playing... as you play, you earn rating points... like before... however, now these rating points have an effect on your spirits.  Everyone STARTS with the same deck... like the old Freebie deck.  As your rating improves, your available spirits increase... Perhaps... 10 different levels of available spirits... With each level you gain, you have more spirits to use... and each level offers more valuable spirits. 
You can spend HOURS... DAYS... WEEKS... MONTHS... even YEARS playing the game for FREE... gaining (and losing) rating points as you go... Increasing your level as you proceed... increasing the available spirits as you proceed...
You can BUY your way up the rankings!  By purchasing "rating points", you automatically have access to the higher level spirits.  With this type of model, RATING POINTS would be the "currency" of the game... You can WIN them, or you can buy them.  You can spend 6 months gaining enough points (playing 10-20 games a day) to reach level... 5 (and accessing much better spirits than a level 1).. OR you can purchase rating points and bounce yourself up to level 5 in minutes.  OR spend MORE and max out to level 10.  Gaining these rating points, while awesome at first, will depend on your ability to play the game... because you can LOSE rating points!  The number of rating points you lose would depend on your opponent.  THe LOWER the level of your opponent, the MORE points you lose... the HIGHER the level of your opponent... the FEWER the points lost....
Of course, if a Level 8 player falls below the required points needed for level 8, they would become level 7 (and lose access to the Level 8 spirits).  They could work hard to get the points back and regain their previous rank.... or they could purchase them...
Regardless, the important thing is, anyone can achieve a higher level.... through HOURS of gameplay (free)... or through paying money, money. money... instantly.  The ADVANTAGE to playing your way up, is understanding your spirits... seeing different strategies as you go.... learning how and when and why to use certain spirits... so that when you start playing with the "big boys" (or girls), you are prepared for what is coming!  If you BUY your way up the ladder... you might have the same spirits as the person who slaved at their keyboard for hours on end, but you will NOT have the experience... you will not have the time designing endless decks of various cards... with constantly changing spirits... you would be like... a 16-year old kid sitting in a Ferrari.... racing a seasoned 35-year old veteran street racer in the same car.... Sure..... the kid MIGHT win, but I'd put my money on the Vet any day!
So.... to recap....
Everyone starts the game at the same Level.  Level 1.  Everyone has access to the Level 1 spirits.  These are the basic spirits... like the old free version.  PLENTY of spirits to play the game in a multitude of ways!
As you progress, you gain rating points.  More points if you play (and win) against a higher level, less points if you beat someone lower ranked.  You would lose points in a similar fashion.
As you gain points, you gain Levels.  Each level "unlocks" new spirits for your deck.  I'm not even going to try to list spirits, but those who know the game understand what I'm talking about.  THe higher your level, the better the spirits you unlock.  THe number of spirits you unlock should fluctuate with the levels.... Level 2 unlocks, say, 10 new spirits.  Level 3 might unlock 20 new spirits.  Level 6 might just be MORE spirits you already unlocked... Level 8 might only be ONE new spirits... but what a sweet spirit it would be... Each level could have a mix of spirits.. or maybe some of the levels are SPECIFIC types of spirits (ie. all Woodland).  The less desirable would come at the lower levels, the more desirable at the higher levels.
You gain levels by competing against another player.... or through tournaments...
OR you can BUY your rating points! 
The important thing is, each player should have the SAME opportunity to have the SAME spirits.  Either by playing for them, or buying them. 
Of course, you could ALSO have "special" spirits that can only be WON in a tournament.... OR... after a period of time... they are available for purchase!  Once you WIN or BUY the "specials" you can NOT lose them.  THey are yours forever... regardless of whether you lose levels (and access to "leveled" spirits). 
Migrations?  Absolutely!  Events?  Sure!  There is NO reason why the same type of events should not affect decks in the same way as before!  Events affect low levels and high levels in the same way.... the overall AFFECT, however, should be determined by your level.... GOOD events are even BETTER for higher levels... BAD events have a SMALLER impact on LOWER levels.... 
After playing Battle Pirates on Facebook for 2 years (Kixeye), I have achieved a VERY high status level.  THere are not many players who can compete with me... EXCEPT the ones who have spent a GREAT deal of money (or even more time).  There are people who have spend THOUSANDS of dollars to get to where I am.  It took me 2 years.  It took them 10 minutes.  DO I feel bad about that?  NO!  Not at all!  If it wasn't for people like them, I wouldn't have the game to pay!  I just find it more.... satisfying.... to EARN my rank.  People with larger disposable incomes can spend their money how they want!  I just happen to believe they will want to spend it on SpiritWars... especially if they want to compete with the heavy hitters...
Which of course, leads us back to my original though... SpiritWars needs to be a Facebook game.  For this model to succeed, the most important thing is a LARGE player base.  Not hundreds of players.  That won't do.  Not thousands of players.  THink big.  Facebook opens the door to HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS... or even MILLIONS of players!  If ONE MILLION people register to play SpiritWars... what percentage of people will want to pay to unlock better spirits?  Get that number in your head and multiply it by $20... or $50... or $100 dollars... I'm telling you... there is a HUGE potential for ENORMOUS amounts of money to be made...
It's difficult for a lot of people to commit to a "monthly" charge.  Some months are better than others... some months are just BUSY and less time is available to play.... some months are filled with vacation time... some months see a birth of a child or the loss of a loved one... regardless, committing to a monthly fee is just inconvenient and no longer something people want to do!  Let people play at their own pace!  Some will want to earn it by playing every night for hours on end.  Some will want instant gratification and access to better spirits overnight! 
That's my 2 cents... don't spend it all in one place!  Keep it free... and make a ton of money!
People will PAY to save TIME! 

News / Re: Advice, please
« on: October 10, 2012, 01:41:45 AM »
Awesome!  Let me know if you need any help looking!  (see message)

SpiritWars Discussion / Re: Favorites
« on: October 08, 2012, 04:03:48 PM »
My favorite spirit is whatever comes up in the deck next!  That was my favorite thing about the game... no matter WHAT you have in the deck, you can win!  Rather than even attempt to remember all the available spirits.... I'll just say I was a fan of the Woodlands... and the Darklands... oh and the Drylands... and the Highlands... (and the Wetlands)

(and the Flatlands)

Pffftttt.... ok, I don't have a favorite!  I think at one point or another I've had every spirit (if only for a short while)... I remember a Giant Hedgehog... and although one of them wasn't as big a deal as having a "rare" demi-god or what-not... having THREE Giant Hedgehogs...?  Bring it....
Other than that, I was always a fan of pieces that could move great distances in a single click.... and of those who could see well beyond the vision of others.... let's face it.... if you can't SEE it, you can't KILL it! 

(I'm hard-core Jones'n for some SpiritWars)

Introductions / Re: Welcome back!
« on: October 08, 2012, 02:37:25 PM »
Lyn... have you investigated this process at all?  Do you know how much money it will take?  I understand what it means to not have much money... trust me.... but I also understand what you have here and I understand the potential you are sitting on... I just assume that SOMEONE associated with the game has SOME kind of idea of what to do next... I would be happy to invest time researching options, but I don't want to waste time digging through information if it's already been dug through!  If you need someone to actively search for a programming solution, I am happy to!  I'll clearly need to be brought up to speed on WHERE we are and WHERE we need to be... but if you tell me we are HERE... and need to be THERE... I have no doubt in my mind I can find a map to get there!  I just don't know where HERE and THERE are... can anyone explain it to me?  All I know is it will cost money.  What doesn't?  I'm certain there are legal issues and plenty of headache ahead.... but based on my experience playing this game, there are people who KNOW what we need to do out there!  Have you spoken to anyone?  Have you investigated different programming companies?  You say you don't have the money to "just hire a programmer".... are you sure?  How much does a programmer cost?  Can anyone answer that?  How long will it take to re-program?  Once it's programmed, will they stay on board to make adjustments and updates?  Will they work on commission or percentage?  Soooo many questions.... at least we are moving in the right direction!  Let's keep the ball rolling! 

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