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Developer Information

Published Entertainment Products:
While the Kellogg Creek development team changes from project to project, Randy has published three entertainment products (and has a 4th in development).  Previous titles include:  Power Politics (published by CinePlay Interactive); The Doonesbury Election Game (published by Mindscape) and SpiritWars (published by Kellogg Creek Software in partnership with the Sierra's World Opponent Network).  Contact Randy directly if you are interested in information about the new online RPG in development.

Other Development Experience:
Randy spent five years as the General Manager of Portland-based Software Technology, Inc. during which time he designed and produced a variety of business accounting software products, including a customized series of products for McGraw-Hill for use in their Continuing Education program.

Journalism Background:
A professional journalist by trade, Randy began covering the software entertainment industry in the early days of the Apple II and the Commodore 64.  Over the years, his credits included 13 years as a weekly columnist for the Portland Oregonian, publishing his own magazine for several years and working as a freelance writer for a wide variety of computer publications.  He has also worked as a contract writer companies like WordPerfect, Atari and Dynamic Software. Writing references available upon request.

SpiritWars™ is a registered trademark of Kellogg Creek Software.