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The Homelands

The spirits populating your kingdom are divided into classes, or colors, based upon the terrain type from which the spirit comes.

Each class of spirit has an associated terrain type, color and unifying traits and characteristics.

A complete understanding of the nature and capabilities of each spirit can require years of study. As new spirits migrate to your kingdom, and the spirit population of Valhalla grows and expands, the exact capabilities, limitations and strengths of each spirit class and homeland reveal themselves to be illusive and evolving in nature.

The ever-changing nature of Valhalla requires an adaptive approach to both playing style and strategy.

The definitions below are designed to provide some initial guidelines to aid you in the study of spirits from the various homelands.

It is important to know the nature of the homelands when choosing which spirits you wish to use in dungeon.

The better you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the homelands, the more effective you will be in creating dungeon definitions that will lead to victory.

It is equally important to study the nature of opposing spirits in order to plan adequate defenses against the diverse range of opponents you will face on the field of battle.

From the depths of the oceans, the murky waters of the rivers and crystalline clarity of mountain lakes, the minions of the Wetlands are ruled by Neptune's Trident and the vast power of Poseidon's stare.
Wildlife and nature are the dominant themes of the Woodlands.  Don't be surprised, however, to find the cast of animals, fairies and sprites accompanied by storied characters who made the wooded lands their sanctuary.
The Netherlands represent the world of the undead and the unholy.  Populated by a vast range of spirits, united in their basic foreboding nature and supernatural, this is not a spirit class to be mastered by the faint of heart.

From the bloody reign of Vlad the Impaler to the creatures drawn from the nightmares of the ages, the black class of spirits drawn on the dark powers of the underworld.

Ruled by the iron rule and military power of the great Caesars, the Flatlands attract spirits of (transmission garbled)...
Drawn by the legendary power residing atop the ancient Mt. Olympus, the Highlands represent a class of great power and characters mythical in nature and storied through the corridors of time.
The scorching sun and arid heat of the Drylands can (transmission garbled)...
Cursed Lands
There are locations on some maps that are off limits to all spirits.  These cursed lands can not be occupied or used by either player.  A terrain location that has been cursed by a spell, it can be restored by having that spell removed. If, however, the terrain was cursed in the initial map definition, it will remain off limits during the current game.  (If a piece of terrain is cursed by a spell during a game, any spirit occupying that location at the time is automatically destroyed; unless, of course, it has the ability to be resurrected.)

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SpiritWars™ is a registered trademark of Kellogg Creek Software.

SpiritWars™ is a registered trademark of Kellogg Creek Software.