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Free & Pay Version Comparison Chart

This chart provides a quick reference listing the key differences between the free version of SpiritWars available  and the "pay" (or member) version of the game. More detailed information is provided elsewhere in the web site, but this is intended as a one-stop information site that will answer the most common questions.
Feature: Free Play Version Member Version
Cost: Free $25, $40 or $65 for three, six or twelve month membership
# of Spirits: The shared spirit population in the free version changes periodically, but it currently includes 200 playing pieces (about 90 unique spirits). This provides a sampling of the diversity and range of spirits found in the full version of the game.
There are currently 468 spirits (or playing pieces) in the full member version. You can use the link (found in the chat interface) to the Spirit Gallery to browse the full collection of spirits and review their attributes and special abilities.
Size of Population: In the free version, all players share a common spirit population (or Kingdom) of 200 total spirits. In the member version, each player begins with a unique Kingdom of 200 spirits.
Player Ratings: There are no player ratings in the free version. The member version has a very sophisticated (yet simple to understand) rating system and a multi-level ladder that allows players to work their way up four levels of standings. Full explanation of the ratings can be found within the Members area of the SpiritWars web site.
# of Maps: In the free version, the game is playing on a board (or map) selected from a library of about 300 hand-crafted maps. (There are no plans to expand the map library in the free version.) The SpiritWars server for the member version currently contains over 700 maps, with new maps being added every few weeks. The "unique" (or unusual) maps also have a higher percentage of being selected in the member version and there are significantly more of this sometimes surprising and challenging maps.
Playing Order: In the free version, the advantage of moving second is randomly determined at the start of each game. In the member version, the higher rated player always moves first.  This handicapping feature provides a significant playing advantage for the lower-rating player and encourages them to try for major upsets of higher rated players. (In games in which the rating difference between the two players is less than 10 points, the playing order is randomly determined.)
Winning/Losing Spirits: Not a factor in the free version. In the member version of SpiritWars, at the end of each battle, the losing play will see at least one (possibly two) spirits from his dungeon die as battle fatalities. The winning player enjoys a 2-3 spirit "migration" of new spirits into his/her Kingdom. 
Player Records: Player statistics are not maintained in the free version. Detailed player statistics are recorded by the server in the member version, including won-loss records, player ratings, spirit ownership.  (Also most players consider the won-loss record for the last ten games played to be a "key" factor when scouting a potential opponent.
Game History: This feature isn't activated in the free version. The Game History feature saves a detailed game history of every opponent you play. Ratings, length of game, date of game, user defined notes, and spirits won and lost are automatically tracked. Very important feature when preparing to face a particular opponent - especially in a tournament.
Multiple Dungeons: In the free version, each machine maintains a single dungeon definition. In the member version, each player account (and there can be multiple players sharing a single machine) has two dungeon files.
Disconnection Tracking: Not applicable to the free version. In the member version, a player can view the disconnect history of a potential opponent. "Plugging" (intentionally disconnecting a game to avoid a loss) is not an honorable way to play and players have been banished from the member version for repeated offenses.

SpiritWars™ is a registered trademark of Kellogg Creek Software.