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Code of Conduct

The game servers for both the free and member versions of SpiritWars are provided by Kellogg Creek Software as a service for our players. Participation is a privilege, not a right. Any player not following the rules of conduct as outlined here will be immediately removed from the playing community.

The following guidelines are intended to let you know what is expected from players participating in our online community.

G-Rated Environment: The SpiritWars playing world is strictly G-Rated. We have a number of young players and we expect everyone to help us keep the chat room clean and positive. Any swearing, sexual or suggestive conversation will not be tolerated. Also be aware that our moderators will ask you to change your name if you use a name with sexual implications. We are very serious about maintaining a clean friendly environment suitable for family entertainment. We appreciate your help in building a friendly and positive online community. 

Attitude: Within the SpiritWars community, trash-talking, taunting and any form of disrespectful conduct is not tolerated. We expect all players to compete with honor and be both a gracious winner and a good loser. The majority of the Internet gaming worlds you are familiar with may not require this, but in SpiritWars we expect everyone to help us maintain the positive attitude and atmosphere that has earned us a reputation for having the classiest players on the Web.

Cheating: Any attempts to manipulate the game world or use external programs to gain an unfair advantage will result in immediate and permanent banishment from the playing world. There are not "cheats" or "hacks" for SpiritWars. It is a game designed to be played only  between human opponents and any unethical conduct will not be tolerated.

Cooperation with Moderators: The moderators (designated by red names in the player list) work for Kellogg Creek Software and they are there to help maintain the positive atmosphere in the SpiritWars chat room. All players are expected to comply with requests of Moderators. Failure to comply with behavior-related requests will result in banishment from the community.

Shouting: Shouting (typing in all uppercase characters) is considered to be rude and disruptive to the chat room. Please refrain from shouting.

Free Speech: Please do no waste your time, or that of the moderators and helpers, by debating the rules and arguing about free speech. We run a chat room to support SpiritWars. It is not a public forum; nor is it a platform for free speech. Please refrain from discussing subjects that may offend others or create conflicts with other players. Any arguments about free speech within our chat world will result in immediate removal. There are plenty of vehicles and sites on the Internet that provide a forum for free speech; the SpiritWars chat room is not one of them.

Nonnegotiable Rules: If you have a problem with our rules and expectations of players in our gaming community, please address your concerns to the System Administrator rather than attempting to debate or argue about the rules with out online staff. They have clear instructions to enforce the rules, not debate them.

Kellogg Creek Software reserve the right to exclude any player from our online community who does not follow the Code of Conduct, or who in any manner fails to comply with the expected standards of behavior.

SpiritWars™ is a registered trademark of Kellogg Creek Software.