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The Member Version

Features in Membership Version:

The key features in the membership version of the game involves the ownership of spirits. Unlikeingres_roger_and_angelica.jpg (18919 bytes) the free version where all players share a common population of 250 spirits, members begin play with a randomly selected kingdom of only 200 spirits. There are currently 468 in the game, of which only about 120 are included in the shared spirit population featured in the free version.

The challenge is to find a winning strategy when faced with a limited selection of spirits. The size of your population will grow as you win and receive new spirits via Victory Migrations. Of course, each defeat will see your kingdom population shrink as some spirits are lost as battle fatalities.

Player ratings and playing histories are maintained, featuring a multi-tiered ratings system that guarantees that all players will be offered a playing world in which they can feel competitive and that ensures everyone the opportunity to compete with players of comparable playing skills.

Membership Benefits:

As most of you know by now, we are philosophically opposed to the concept of business models that basically guarantee success to those players willing to spend the most money. From the initial game design through to the formulation of our business plan, one of our fundamental goals in creating SpiritWars was to provide a challenging and entertaining playing environment that features a "fair and level" playing field.

As a member of Valhalla, you have our guarantee that the only way you will succeed is through skill and good game play (with a little luck factored in, of course.)  You will never be faced with the frustrating experience of playing burne-jones_arming_of_perseus.jpg (20848 bytes)someone who could afford to purchase a "super deck" and buy a position at the top of the ratings board. As you explore the details of the spirit ownership features (trading, victory migrations, activity migrations, a multi-tiered ratings system) we are confident that you will realize that no other on-line game developer has invested this much effort and time in attempting to create a fair and equitable playing world.

Another key benefit of a membership business model is that we can avoid some of the most annoying aspects of on-line gaming. Plug pulling, hacker cheats, and having to deal with "jerks" are something that can not be controlled in a free and open playing environment. A password restricted playing world, however, gives us the power to enforce a competitive and friendly atmosphere that fosters healthy competition with a "zero tolerance" level for unsportsman-like conduct and anti-social attitudes.

We realize that the most critical aspect in the long-term success of SpiritWars is you, the player. If we can provide an entertaining game without all of the unpleasant baggage normally associated with on-line gaming, we are confident that you will see the value in that.

Membership Options:
We offer several membership options in order to provide people with the opportunity to try the game with a minimal investment as well as offering a value-priced long-term subscription for those of who interested in a one-year subscription.

    Subscription Pricing:
  1. One-Year Membership:  $65
  2. Six-Month Membership:  $40
  3. Three-Month Membership:  $25

The three, six and twelve month subscriptions are a one-time purchase. They will not be renewed without a request from you that we do so.

How Can You Pay?

Our secure on-line commerce system accepts all major credit cards (Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express), as well as any "debit card" with a Master Card or Visa logo on it. We also have an on-line pay-by-check system in place.

SpiritWars™ is a registered trademark of Kellogg Creek Software.