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Introduction to Spirit Classes and Types

As you've discovered, your kingdom in Valhalla is populated with Spirits of diverse nature and wide ranging capabilities. galley_ship2.jpg (23585 bytes) The varying nature of the spirits and the way different players choose to use them create a dynamic playing world of endless possibilities.

Spiritscan be defined by class and type.

There are two basic kinds of spirits:  physical spirits and magical spirits.   Physical spirits, when activated from the courtyard of your castle, become physical creatures on the playing field.

Magical spirits have abilities and powers that alter the playing world and physical creatures currently in play.

(Also be aware that some special physical spirits have magical powers that may be activated once they enter the playing field.)

Physical spirits are organized into three basic groups or types: energy, combat and Defenders. Even though all physical spirits are organized into these basic categories, the nature and capabilities of these spirits is not that simple. Many physical spirits, or creatures, are hybrid in nature. While their primary functionality defines the category to which they belong, they may possess secondary capabilities or attributes of one or more of the other categories.

There are energy spirits, for example, which have the ability to act as Defenders.   Some combat pieces have the ability to generate energy.

poussin_rape.jpg (24053 bytes)Others have magical spells they can use once they are in play. Study the detailed attributes of your spirits carefully when assembling the population of your castle dungeon.

The primary function of energy spirits, when in play on the map, is to create energy resources (or points). Without these energy resources, there is little you can do in SpiritWars. These spirits create a certain amount of energy during the energy phase of each turn that they remain in play. They also gain a production bonus any turn that they are located on the terrain type associated with their color (i.e. desert for Drylands or yellow, water for Wetlands or blue, etc.)

Most energy pieces can't move and haverembrandt_05.jpg (16286 bytes) no combat abilities. Many are weak but some do have increased defensive ratings, making them less vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Defenders are similar to energy pieces in that they have no movement capability and can not initiate combat with opposing pieces. They can, however, intercept enemy attacks against other pieces. This ability is based on the blocking range, which measures the distance between the attacker and the selected Defender. If this distance is equal to, or less than, the Defender's blocking range, the player may opt to have it intercept the attack.

rubens_four_quarters_1.jpg (23369 bytes) Combat spirits represents the largest category of spirits and also used in the game more than any other type of spirit.  These aggressive warriors represent the bulk of the offensive combat ability of your dungeon.   These pieces move from the courtyard of your castle into adjacent terrain locations. In subsequent turns, they can move across the playing field and instigate attacks on opposing pieces and your opponent's castle. 

These physical spirits have a set of attributes, or characteristics, that determine how they perform and what they are capable of doing once they enter play. When a physical spirit is activated and a playing piece created on the game map, these attributes control how the piece may be used and what it can and can't do while in play.

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