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Resurrection is one of the most powerful spirit attributes in SpiritWars™. michelangelo_judgement.jpg (21335 bytes)This valuable ability allows you to save a combat spirit that has been killed in combat.

If a piece in play has the resurrection ability, when it dies in battle you will be offered an opportunity to pay the associated energy cost and prevent the spirit from leaving the game and entering the afterlife. Instead, a resurrected spirit will be returned to the courtyard of your castle. It can then be reactivated in the current game.

A resurrection opportunity will be presented during combat resolution if the following conditions are met: a) the spirit being destroyed has the resurrection ability; b) you have the energy resources available to pay for the spirit's resurrection; c) there is an open space available in the courtyard of your castle.

If a resurrection opportunity is available, you will be presented with the nablake_moloch.jpg (28030 bytes)me of the spirit being destroyed, the associated resurrection cost, and a choice to resurrect the spirit or to let it die.

You should also be aware that a resurrection-enabled spirit can also be resurrected when it is removed from play when you choose not to pay the required maintenance costs. All of the above conditions must still be met.

One of the strengths of the Darklands, inhabited by the black spirits, is that they contain many spirits with resurrection abilities and that the associated costs are normally less than the similar costs found in other terrains.

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