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The Energy Phase

The first phase of the turn sequence is the energy phase. During this phase of play, new energy resources (or points) are generated, a new spirit enters the courtyard, and any maintenance required for units in play must be paid.

At the beginning of the Energy phase, all energy-producing units currently in play generate new energy points. aquaduct_2.jpg (25513 bytes) Most units create one point of energy, but be aware of powerful units that create more than one point. (Also be aware that some units, like the Aqueduct, generate more than one color of energy. The Aqueduct, for example, creates one white energy point and one blue point each turn.)

Any energy-producing unit that is located on its homeland or "native" terrain type (spirit color: yellow with desert, green with forest, etc.) gains a +1 energy bonus each turn.

During the energy phase, a new spirit is summoned from the castle dungeon and enters the courtyard. If the courtyard is full (already contains eight spirits), there is no room and a new spirit will not be summoned from the dungeon.

Some physical spirits have maintenance requirements. These spirits require an energy payment each turn they are in play.  These payments must be made with energy resources of the color matching the spirit. rembrandt_05.jpg (16286 bytes)If these payments are not made, the spirit will be destroyed. (If a spirit is being removed from the game for non-payment of maintenance fees and it has the resurrection ability, it will still be eligible for resurrection if all of the resurrection requirements are met.)

During the maintenance process, you will see a list of all units in play that have maintenance requirements. Behind the unit's name, you will see the required cost and the piece's current and maximum defense levels. You can pay for a single unit by selecting it in the list and then clicking on the "Pay for this Unit" button.   If you have enough energy to meet all maintenance costs, you will also have the option of selecting the "Pay All" button.

There is one other maintenance requirement that you should keep in mind. Just as some creatures require maintenance payments each turn, the castle itself has maintenance needs. If your dungeon is depleted of spirits during the game, the castle suffers from neglect. When this situation occurs, your castle will suffer three points of damage during the energy phase of each subsequent turn.

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