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The Relationship Between Homelands

The possible playing combinations and relationships between spirits, dungeon populations and playing strategies are as infinite as the imagination and creative energy of the players making up the competitive world of SpiritWars™.

dungeon.jpg (24644 bytes) There are almost no restrictions on the possible combinations of spirits you can assemble in the dungeon of your castle and use on the battlefields of Valhalla.   Of course, the spirit must reside in your kingdom, and some spirits are restricted to one per dungeon. (The default limitation is five of any given spirit in your active dungeon definition.)

Even though the game places no restrictions on the creative combinations you can try, there are some inherent relationships between various classes of spirits of which you should be aware.

Each class (or color) of spirit has a natural ally in the world of Valhalla. Each also has two classes that are by nature considered to be opposing natural enemies. 

This does not mean, however, that you can't use conflicting colors (or classes) of spirits together in your dungeon.   It just means that there are some inherent advantages that may be exploited when using certain color combinations, and that certain colors create some natural advantages when playing an opponent who favors a conflicting spirit class.

The chart below shows the basic structure of these inherent relationships between spirit classes:

Homeland Primary Enemy Secondary Enemy Natural Ally
Wetlands (Blue) Drylands Flatlands Woodlands
Woodlands (Green) Darklands Highlands Wetlands
Flatlands (White) Highlands Darklands Drylands
Highlands (Brown) Flatlands Drylands Darklands
Drylands (Yellow) Wetlands Woodlands Flatlands
Darklands (Black) Woodlands Wetlands Highlands

Carefully study the attributes and capabilities of the spirits available in your kingdom's population.  As new spirits migrate to your kingdom, or you lose spirits as fatalities in losing battles, your playing options will constantly change.

These natural relationships manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Some creatures will have "shielding" abilities against a natural enemy. An energy piece may produce two colors of energy, with the second most commonly being the naturally allied spirit class.

Nowhere will relationships be as apparent as in the makeup of the magical spirits of each class (or color).

Please don't use these relationships as an absolute definition of how spirit dore_06.jpg (23485 bytes)classes should be combined. Creative players can create winning combinations using any possible combination of spirit classes. For the beginning player, however, these pre-existing relationships provide a guideline for initial exploration of the dynamic interaction between spirits in the game.

When studying the characteristics and attributes of spirits, remember that in the dungeon editor, you are only able to view spirits that currently reside in your kingdom. To study spirits you don't yet own, or may have owned but lost in battle, you will need to visit the Spirit Gallery within the SpiritWars web site.   This will be useful for learning about the vast range of playing possibilities available as your spirit population grows. It will also be your primary source of information and research as you negotiate potential trades with other players.

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