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What is SpiritWars™?

SpiritWars represents a new generation in the long rich tradition of board gaming. While the game was designed to offer a new experience in on-line berchem_moor_presenting_parrot.jpg (24561 bytes)entertainment, the roots of SpiritWars lie not in the computer world but instead in the traditional genre of table-top board games.

If you've ever enjoyed classic strategy games like Chess, Risk® or Stratego®, you will find a variety of design concepts in SpiritWars that are comfortably familiar and will will help you quickly learn the game.

Unlike most current computer games, SpiritWars doesn't offer any flashy 3D animations or complex worlds depicted in graphic detail. And if you are looking for dazzling explosions and real-time bouguereau_nymphs.jpg (21899 bytes)combat action, you will be disappointed. What SpiritWars does deliver, however, is an engaging and challenging playing experience that provides a unique opportunity to out think and out play your opponent.

The fundamental concepts are easy to learn. Don't be intimidated by the talk of strategic complexity and infinite variety of playing options. The essence of the game is as simple and time-proven as Chess. To win, you must destroy your opponent's castle before he destroys yours. You place pieces on the map (or game board), you move them, and you attack your gogh_starry_night.jpg (29243 bytes)opponent.

Your first game may seem confusing. By the end of your second game, you'll find yourself thinking more about strategy and tactics than the mechanics of play. Once you've finished your third game, you'll find yourself offering advice to newcomers looking for help.

At the same time, if you are an experienced game player looking for the ultimate playing challenge, don't be deceived by the simple look of the game or the talk about how easy it is to learn. The reality is that behind the simple mechanics of SpiritWars lurks one of the most versatile strategic challenges you will ever encounter.  dore_07.jpg (20726 bytes)With over 400 playing pieces available, a playing field randomly drawn from over 600 hand-crafted maps (or game boards), and human opponents with the freedom to develop unique playing styles and strategies, you never know what you will encounter in any given game. Whatever ideal strategy you may develop, be assured that someone awaits with a perfect counter to your perfect dungeon.

One of our goals in the development of SpiritWars was to provide a striking alternative to the trends currently dominating on-line gaming. If you prefer games in which fast-paced action and your ability to react reflexively determines success, this probably isn't the game for you. SpiritWars requires you to out think your opponent.   Modem speed and eye-hand coordination will gain you nothing on this battlefield.   In any given game, luck and the fickle whim of the Gods may play a role.  RUBENS_DEATH_ACHILLES.jpg (24465 bytes)In the long run, however, your ability to out think and out maneuver your opponent are the only path to success.

Our choice of classic literature, traditional mythology and fine art was a deliberate move to set SpiritWars apart from the standard on-line gaming options. From the design of the game board to the art work and literary quotes that create the atmosphere of the playing world, we are confident that SpiritWars is unlike anything you have ever played on-line.

For those of you who have been searching for a real gaming challenge that will stimulate your intellect rather than your reflexes, we think you will find SpiritWars to be a refreshing change of pace. Join us on-line and see how you measure up in the competitive halls of Valhalla, where victory is sweet, but the quality of competition and the playing experience is a reward unto itself.

SpiritWars™ is a registered trademark of Kellogg Creek Software.