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Quotes From the Press & Players

"In the world of online multiplayer games, occasionally a title pops-up that is deceptively easy to learn, yet holds the key to numerous game permutations for future interaction. Such is the case with SpiritWars.  And we are impressed! 

This title proves that you don't necessarily have to have multiple chain guns chattering into action, blasting apart your online opponents, and that strategic thought can be as rewarding an experience as slaying millions -- if not more so! Think of your favorite board games, such as Chess or Risk® or even Monopoly® -- even an interactive card game -- and roll them into an online game that offers a richly-embroidered, randomly generated playing field formed of hand-crafted hex tiles.

For two-players, SpiritWars is so simplistic in its game approach, yet so complex in its various iterations, you will never play an identical game twice.

Definitely a winning title. You won't be disappointed!" Rating: four-and-a-half stars out of a possible five stars.

 - Gamers' Gazette

"Spirit Wars is a great, addictive game with a lot of promise. I've already had FAR too many episodes of "just one more game, oh my god it's 3AM!" than I'd like to admit. It's very difficult to get up and go to work at 8AM when you do that, you know!"
 - BetaBytes

"When you think of where the future of online gaming is headed, the idea of mixing a boardgame like Stratego® with a collectable card trading game like Magic: The Gathering® probably wouldn't be the first thing to pop into your mind. However, this is exactly what the folks at Kellogg Creek have cooked up. The result is an interesting twist of popular genres fused into an online experience that is both fresh and engaging.

The most impressive thing is, with two versions of SpiritWars to choose from, players can make up their own minds. Both versions offer players a unique combination of freedom in playing philosophy and a multi-layered strategy experience. If you're looking for something outside the repetitive world of hype and trend followers, you might want to check this one out."
Rating: four out of a possible five stars

- Computer Games Online Review

"Something that astounded me regarding this game is the Spirit Wars community. I have played many games online, and the Spirit Wars community is one of the friendliest communities I have come across. I don't recall running into a single jerk the entire time. After getting beat senseless, my opponent did not say, "hA Ha I OwN JoO." Rather, the SW opponents gave me pointers after my first couple matches, or would laugh about interesting instances of luck in the recent match. As far as I have seen, they are the kind of people you want to play games with on a regular basis."

- Gamer's Pulse

"SpiritWars is arguably the most addictive game I've ever played. It takes strategy games like Magic: The Gathering® to the next level by providing a physical map for tactical navigation. If you're into strategy, you have to check this game out. I've played over 1000 games and am still discovering new combinations and ploys. The game is constantly evolving and enjoys excellent developer support. Do yourself a favor and try the free trial version. You'll be glad you did."

- Xerin

"Your mind swirls at the endless possibilities that can come out of such a simple (yet intricate) concept. And with a game community which is as thought provoking as the game itself, you have a unique combination, not seen anywhere else online."

- Omnibus

"Combining the strategic elements of chess with the variety and ownership associated with collectible card games, SpiritWars is an addictive strategic challenge with tremendous replay value. The simple yet elegant interface, along with the most helpful designers and online community I have yet to experience, result in a small learning curve. The deceptively easy mechanics drew me in quickly, and the ever-changing spirit (card) mix and playing board keeps me coming back for more."

- Boozer

"Spirit Wars, is by far the most involving and evolving online game, I have ever played. It has taken elements of many games and made something truly unique, and very addictive. Combine this with a friendly player base, and a helpful online staff. Definitely the best use I have found for the internet."

- aceyrunner

"Spirit Wars combines the strategy of classic board games like Risk® and chess, with the diversity and luck of the draw of a collectable card game, and the "nerves of steel" aspect of poker. There's never a dull moment, and the tides can shift in an instant. Unlike collectable card games, you can not spend extra money to get better or more spirits (cards)."

- Grim Jack

"If you have a pulse, you will love this game."

- The Alchemist

"SpiritWars is the most family safe, user friendly environment I have ever played in. The group of players and moderators do a wonderful job of working together, not to mention the constant technical support of the game designer. I highly recommend it to all my friends."

- Pamaillia

"SW has me addicted to the point that I now cannot go to bed at night without at least one game!! And where else can you find an on-line game where the designer still comes into the chat rooms just to see how things are going? I give it the highest recommendation possible!"

- Packman759

"The greatest group of players, moderators and designers I have ever encountered. The free version is better than 90% of what is out there commercially, and yet I often find myself hanging around just for the atmosphere...something I'd never do on any other online gaming site."

- Wandu

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