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Introduction to SpiritWars™

The basic concepts of SpiritWars are quite simple.

The game is built upon the traditional design legacy of classic board games like Chess.

To provide an unlimited range of playing options and an evolving gaming experience, we have also incorporated some of the design concepts first introduced in the various popular collectable trading card games.

The actual mechanics and goals of the game are easy to learn.

To win you must destroycastle_1.jpg (25977 bytes) your opponent's castle before he destroys yours.

This is a familiar gaming concept to almost everyone.

There are only four basic elements of play in SpiritWars:  (1) you place pieces on the playing field (map); (2) you move them; (3) you attack your opponent; (4) you cast spells that affect pieces in play.

The number of playing pieces and the variety of playing strategies can seem daunting to the beginning player.

With  200 pieces available in the free version, the task of selecting 35-40 pieces to use in a game can be overwhelming.

To simplify this process, the game includes a "Default Dungeon" that will let you get started immediately.

This tutorial is designed to walk you through the mechanics of game play and to introduce you to the spirits (playing pieces) used in that default dungeon.

All of the gaming options in SpiritWars are represented in that beginner's dungeon. Once you have played two or three games using those pieces, you will be ready to use the dungeon editor and create a unique dungeon that allows you to develop a personal strategy and playing philosophy.

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