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Global Population Events in Valhalla

This table outlines the possible global population events that could be triggered that would effect player kingdoms (spirit populations) in Valhalla.
"Major" Population Events
Election 2000:
In tribute to the mythic election of 2000, this event would result in the automatic defection of all leader-class spirits from the playing world. (major event)
Mechanics' Strike:
When the mechanics of Valhalla go on strike, all non-energy object spirits are removed from the playing world. (major event)
An evolutionary experience enlightens the world, temporarily curing everyone's belief in all things mythic. All "mythic" spirits are removed from play. (major event)
Tainted Waters:
The wages of war have impacted the ecology of Valhalla. The endless array of decaying corpses left after battles have polluted the waters of the land, forcing the Wetlands spirits to pack their bags and leave in search of more hospitable dwellings. It is hoped that as the waters clear, these beloved spirits will again appear in the kingdoms of Valhalla.
Plagued Garden:
A widespread infestation of Valhalla destroys all plant spirits. (major event?)
A temporary philosophical frenzy sweeps Valhalla, resulting in a loss of belief in deities. As a result, all deity spirits are removed from play. (major event)
Raging Winds:
A huge gusting wind rips through Valhalla, stripping all kingdoms of any spirit with an attack range greater than one.  I should clarify this since several people have asked. This would include any spirit with a ranged attack ability, not just archers. (very major event)

"Minor" Population Events
Cats & Dogs:
If triggered, this event would result in a mass exodus of all feline and canine spirits from all play populations.
Magical Bounty:
A benevolent wizard passes through Valhalla, blessing each kingdom with 10 randomly selected magical spells. (minor event)
Bows Aplenty:
An abundant supply of seasoned wood provides the armories of Valhalla with an unexpected bounty. All kingdoms are blessed with an equal number of new randomly selected "archer" class spirits. The event has been designed to provide some flexibility, with the number range of new archers ranging between 1 and 4. The exact number will be determined by the Valhalla Immigration Authorities, and will be documented in the Event History log. (minor event)
Slave Revolt:
A Valhalla-wide slave revolt results in the mass escape of all slave spirits currently residing in player kingdoms.
Desert Caravan:
News of the Wetlands exodus traveled quickly among the spirits of the desert. At last the time had come for the Drylands spirits to usurp their ancient enemy. Hastily gathering their belongings, a vast horde of Drylands spirits converged into a great caravan leading to the kingdoms of Valhalla.
Energy Storm:
Each player would receive six randomly selected energy pieces for their kingdom. All energy pieces would be available for selection. Distribution won't follow the normal distribution logic, but will still be weighted on rarity. (minor event)
Magic Blight:
A sorcerer's spell goes awry, distorting the harmonic balance of magical energy and resources in Valhalla. As a result, each players' kingdom loses 15 randomly selected spells. (minor event)
Desert Draught:
A summer heat of unprecedented power strikes the Drylands. Every kingdom loses 10 randomly selected Drylands spirits.

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